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…and making sense out of solar for your home or business

"It must be emphasized that our business focus is to choose the best SOLUTION out of many that are available for our customer, and "right size, not oversize" your system for you. We'll take the time to ensure that your home or business is well suited for solar power, and that the financial returns will benefit you."
Mark Becker

GoSimpleSolar.com is the installation side of our business; for smaller commercial and all residential jobs, we'll be the best product, price and performance

Lease? Buy? PPA? Too much to navigate without professional guidance

Independent Solar/Energy Consultants





A+ Rated Better Business Bureau


Community Solar Planning


Solar and Energy Assesments for Business

Individual Solar Consults for Residences or Neighborhoods

Negotiation of Neighborhood and Community Discounts for HOA's


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Is my home or business suitable for solar power?
Retired? How about fixed energy costs for the next 35 years! Go Solar!
Want to save and pay for your childrens college? Install solar!
Why does solar power have even greater tax advantages for a business?
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Solar Power Solutions negotiated community discounts for those of us in the Kawala Plantiation HOA. Together, we saved thousands of dollars each. John Torres, Molokai

Just an FYI, my July electric bill was $278, now my August bill is $77!. System is working great. Thanks boys!

Helmut E. Lafayette, Ca

My project was on Molokai, where we are challenged by numerous things such as contractor performance and excessively high prices. My system installation finished a day early (3 day install) and the inspections were completed the next day; all for a great price! Robert L., Molokai

Residential Solutions
We have a Unique Seven Step Process
  • Customer Consult
  • Site Visit, Initial Findings
  • Discussion of Options considering product, contractor, design
  • How best to finance it? Purchase for best long term savings, or PPA/Lease for short term small cash flow gains?
  • Implementation/Mangement of the solution
  • Neighborhood solutions and HOA discounts negotiated on part of Solar Power Solutions Community Services Package
  • Increased savings, better design and pricing with oversite of project(s) by Solar Power Solutions
Business Solutions
   Considerations for Commercial Solar
  • Independent consult will determine customers needs, budget
  • Site visit by experts uncovers multiple differing solutions
  • What product, contractor, solution will provide the most savings? Solar PV? Solar Thermal? Energy Upgrades?
  • RFP process administered by professional leads to competitive bids by vetted companies
  • Administration of bid award and construction phase by professional ensures contract compliance by selected integrator
  • Increase profit and hedge against long and short term energy costs
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