How long will a solar power system last?

Solar power systems are guaranteed to last for 25 years but they are also known to perform long for over 40 years.


I don’t plan on living in my home for 25 years, is it still worth it to add solar?

It can guarantee low electricity bill for your consumption. If you plan on selling your home in the future, this will add value to your home.


Will shading be a problem on the performance of the solar system?

Yes, since it works at its optimum when it can capture direct sunlight so it needs to be in direct sunlight as much as possible.


Can I install the solar panels myself?

Installation requires licensed electrical and roofing skills to ensure that the system is placed correctly. So let the experts do the job.


Will solar power system work in cold climates?

Yes. As long as it can be exposed on sunlight it can store and will produce electricity.