How Solar Power Works

How Solar Power Works

Given climate change and other environmental changes, it is a good idea to look at cleaner sources of energy. Fossil fuel is not always the most efficient and easiest option if you want to power your home. One of the most popular options today is solar power.

A lot of people still don’t know how the system works. Hopefully, being educated about this alternative source of energy can convince you to invest on solar power. So how does solar power really work? Here’s a simplified explanation how it works.

How does it work?

Solar panels collect energy from surrounding light. It is composed of photovoltaic cells that turn sunlight into direct current. At this point, you can power your gadgets such as cell phone which runs on direct current. However, it can’t be used by appliances yet such as TV and refrigerator.

From the direct current sitting in your solar power, most set ups for homes and industrial settings make use of an inverter. This makes use of direct current and turns it into alternating current. At this point, you can now use the energy collected from the sun.

However, before it goes directly to your appliances, it will first go to an electrical panel which is also typically called a breaker box.

How can you still power your home at night?

Here’s when most solar panel systems make use of batteries. These batteries are charged by the solar panels. It stores direct current which will then be used especially at night when there’s not much light around. There are also other systems that quickly switch to using electricity from the conventional source in case the solar energy system fails, or if the battery runs out.

Other parts of the solar power system?

There also other crucial parts of a solar power system. For instance, you have the utility meter. This gives you an idea how much energy your household or your business is actually consuming. You will see that this meter will go backward when you generate more power than you need. And typically, this is where it is being offset at night.

When it comes to investing on green energy, always think of it as a long term investment. It can be a good option for people who are looking to save energy for the next decades. And while saving big money, you are actually saving the environment in the process as well.